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The 8 Powers of Soul: Audio article

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8 Powers of SoulBK Smarth
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8 Powers of Soul

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➤We now have realised the Self as an eternal soul who takes a body as a medium to performs actions, and enjoys its results. Now understand further, the fundamental properties of the Soul i.e. What are Spiritual powers present in the Soul through which we maintain the journey of our life.
They are➤ Power to Accommodate, Power of Tolerate, Power to pack up, Power to Face, Power to Discriminate, Power to Judge, Power to Co-operate & Power to Withdraw.

✱Power to Accommodate
"This is our ability to accept the presence, ideas, nature, and desires of others."

➥As water accommodates according to the shape of the container, and river accommodates as per the shape of the path, it teaches us to fit in all situations and yet remain original (pure). It teaches us to mix and adjust with others in all situations of life. It needs the virtue of "acceptance" for everyone as they are. We all are unique.

✱Power to Tolerate
"This is our ability to manage difficult situations positively, yet not be affected by them."

➥Power of tolerating internal and external challenges. This is one of the most special and useful powers of soul. Use this power to live a happy life free from conflicts in relationships. To tolerate means, to remain in peace with any situation we face.

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