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Prajapita Brahma Baba's Audio Biography

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Brahma Baba Audio BiographyBK Smarth
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Brahma Baba Audio Biography

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World remembers him as Aadi Dev (first deity) or Adam, as written in many texts. In Vedas, Brahma is described as the creator of the world. We now understand that through Brahma, the incorporeal God (Shiva) creates the new world. On this official biography, you will learn on how simple and serving the life of Brahma baba was, from the beginning as it is told by elder Dadis, came in Murlis and revealed from the letters.

✱Background and Childhood✱
His loukik name was Lekhraj, who was born on 15 December 1876 in Sindh, Hyderabad (in present Pakistan) to father Khubchand Kriplani, a head-master in a village school. When mother passed in his early childhood, Lekhraj's interest towards devotion grown. After his father passed, Lekhraj started working at his uncle's grocery shop. Leaving the village he went to Bombay (Mumbai) to learn diamond polishing. With time and hard work, he could open his own jewellery shops ad went on to become a famous diamond merchant.

➤It was in mid-1936 that Dada Lekhraj started receiving visions from God. He was a devotee of Vishnu (a deity). On divine inspirations, he started a day boarding school for local children where he would sit and explain spiritual versions of Geeta along with the regular subjects. It started with an explanation of true God of Geeta being the incorporeal God Shiv, and not Shri Krishna (a deity in Satyug)...

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