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Dadi Ratan Mohini's Audio Biography

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Dadi Ratan Mohini Life StoryBK Smarth
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Dadi Ratan Mohini Life Story

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➥Dadi (elder sister) Ratan Mohini (which means one who attracts jewels, or the most beautiful jewel) is the current chief administrative head of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University) after the passing of Dadi Gulzar on 11 March 2021. See this photo taken when Dadi was assigned as the chief of BKWSU.

✱Dadi's Life Story✱
Ratan Mohini dadi, whose birth name was Lakshmi, was born in a reputed and religious family on 25 March 1925 in Hyderabad, Sindh which is now in Pakistan. As Dadi describes herself, she was shy talking, but a very good student. She used to dedicate most of her time to education. When came in Gyan (in contact with the Brahma Kumaris), she was only a 13 year old. While since childhood, she had some inclination towards worshipping and spirituality, but she had no idea that life would bring her so near to God.

✱Dadi's First Experience✱
Dadi described her first experience with Om Mandli (early name of Brahma Kumaris group) as below:

“I was about 13 year old. During my school holidays, my mother took me to a Satsung on Bhagavad Gita which was held in our town. I went and occupied the first row. Baba (Brahma) came and sat. The satsung started with Om Dhwani. Instantly as I heard the Om Dhwani from baba’s mouth, I felt deep inner peace and went in a trans. As far as I remembrered, I lost consciousness from the surroundings, and felt as if this is some higher power speaking through this person…

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