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Diwali Article- True Meaning & Message

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Diwali significance and messageBK Smarth
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Diwali significance and message

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Diwali, or Deepawali, as said by tradition is an age-old and a significant festival recognised and celebrated in India by almost all of its religions (Hindu, Sikh, Jain, SwamiNarayan, South culture, etc). Deepawali marks the beginning of a new time (New Year) and it marks the final victory of good over evil forces, of light (knowledge) over darkness (ignorance); and therefore we do light up Diya (a small lamp) to remind ourselves of our own inner light of peace, purity, love, and spiritual joy. Some also celebrate this festival as a remembrance day of lord Rama's return to his kingdom.

✱Festival of Lights!
The image of light holds a very deep meaning in many faiths. It is the symbol of the image of God and...

✦What does a Diya represent?
A diya is lighted up in all houses...

✱Diwali brings Cleanliness
In India, as a child as well, we all would have observed that...

The real purpose is to clean our thoughts, clean our impure sanskaras, to find out our weakness and throw it away, and in all to clean our inner self and reflect upon our life.

✤Diwali brings Newness
New clothes, new accounts, presents, sweets, colourful decorations, ...

✿Shri Lakshmi visits our Home
The belief is widespread in India, that Shri Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) visits our home during...

"Prosperity of peace, wealth, health and happiness comes to those who adopt divine values and virtues."
Takeaway: Plant and cherish divine virtues of purity, peace, selfless love, truth, mercy, kindness, and knowledge in your life; and all prosperity will follow you.

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