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Audio Biography of Jagadamba Saraswati ji (Mamma)

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Mamma Jagadamba SaraswatiBK Smarth
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Mamma Jagadamba Saraswati

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Whom the world remember as Aadi Devi (the first deity) or Eve, as written in many texts. In Vedas, Saraswati is worshipped as the goddess of Knowledge. We now understand that Saraswati is the aloukik daughter of Prajapita Brahma , in whom God Shiva enters to create the new world. She is the World mother (Jagat Amba) through whom God (the Supreme Soul) fulfils everyone's wishes. Therefore Jagadamba is worshipped so much. Come and know the divine story of the 'most worshipped' human soul. Saraswati Mamma was also the first administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris organisation (1950-65).

➥How inspiring, virtuous, serving, and simple the life of our Yagya mother was, know it from those who actually lived with her, witnessed her spiritual stage, listened to the nectar of knowledge flowing from Mamma's mouth. This is the official biography describing the life story as known from the aadi ratans.

✱Early Life Story✱
Mamma's loukik birth was in 1920. Born to mother 'Rocha' and father 'Pokardas' in Amritsar, Punjab. Her birth name was Radhe. She was a brilliant student, along with being active in school sports. Radhe's father had a business in Bombay, India, where she spent her early childhood. She studied English at a reputed school. After the sudden death of her father Pokardas, she and her mother Rocha came and settled in Karachi (presently in Pakistan). Radhe continued school here for around 2 years before this life transforming incident took place.

➥In this time, on a one fine evening, while Radhe was sitting in a local garden practising Veena (an Indian musical instrument), she heard the sound of 'ओम (Om)', coming from a nearby house. She followed the sound and reached the place. This was the Om Mandli Satsang conducted by Dada Lekhraj. Radhe saw a group of people sitting and listening to Dada Lekhraj speaking verses of Bhagavad Gita and explaining the meaning. In a moment, Radhe felt a deep spiritual connection with Dada, whom she did not know earlier. Baba called her as 'Radha' for the first time... "You are Shri Radha of Satyug, aren't you?"; Baba asked her. This was a magical moment in drama...

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