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Avyakt Mamma's Messages

Sandesh - Messages received from Avyakt vatan (subtle world) after beloved Mamma left the body on 25 June 1065. Here are all messages where Mamma came in sakar and also spoken through Dadi Gulzar. Audio in Hindi and translated in English. 

मम्मा सरस्वती जी (यज्ञ माता) के अव्यक्त होने के बाद मिले हुए सन्देश का original version आप यहाँ सुन सकते हो।

Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati aka Mamma, the mother of Yagya left her corporeal body and became Avyakt (angel) on 24th June 1965. This was the first soul of Yagya who became Karmateet and left the body.  Thus everyone was curious to know what happened with Mamma during the final time and what is she doing now in the subtle world.


Sakar Baba sent Dadi Gulzar (Sandeshi) to Avyakt vatan and she brought back the following messages. Published from madhuban. These messages are read by BK Ranjan and BK Shailen (London).

1. Message from Madhuban as Mamma left body, became Avyakt - Hear this

2. Avyakt Mamma's FIRST speech (speaking through Gulzar dadi's body) - Hear this

3. Mamma's FIRST message from Avyakt Vatan (27th June) -  Hear this

4. Avyakt Sandesh on 29 June 1965 - Hear this

5. Second Avyakt Sandesh on 29 June 1965 - Hear this

6. Avyakt Sandesh on 30 June 1965 - Hear this

7. Avyakt Sandesh on 6 July 1965 - Hear this

8. Avyakt Sandesh on 22 July 1965 - Hear this

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