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Contribute to The Shiv Baba Service initiative

On godly permissions, presenting you an opportunity to be a helping hand in Godly services through the websites, mobile apps and channels (YouTube & SoundCloud) running through the 'Shiv Baba Service' initiative. To know more about the initiative, click here.

How can you contribute?

Answer: If you are staying at home and have some free time, you can devote some time to the required services. This page displays the services already running and the needed task to be done and a form which you can fill and send us to apply to join the team. Services are unlimited, and there is no limitation. 


If you are getting time after family responsibilities and Self Purusharth (effort making), then you should give this time in service. Apart from mansa sewa, here is a list of services you can do while staying at home.


NOTE: When you fill the form to send us your notice to contribute in services, you may need the ''code'' which is given after each below service (1T, 2A, etc.), otherwise just 'describe' the service you can or wish to do.

1. Translation

We are to translate the entire website ( and specially the "online RajYoga course" into Hindi, and if possible and required, in other languages also. We need help of those who are native to this language and also took the Gyan and are a BK student for atleast 3 years.

If you feel happy about this and willing to contribute your time and energy, fill this form to inform us.

2. Responding to Emails/Questions

This is the most valuable service. You will be able to respond to questions that we receive daily via email and contact form. For this, we need a few souls who are responsible and have and are in Gyan and who are following the shrimat in everyday life. If you wish to contribute to this service, fill this form to apply.

3. Blog posting

We need an experiences person who worked on Wordpress (self-hosted), who can daily post Murlis on our blog. Also, we need someone to cooperate in maintaining and improving our WordPress Blog - which has Articles and Question-Answers. Task: Write posts, improve website design, additions, and more.

f you know the WordPress platform very well and are willing, then let us know by filling this form.

4. Murli Manthan

You can read and explain daily gyan murli in the language you know. If appropriate, we shall post your recorded audio within the daily murli manthan series of our YouTube channel.

5. Developing iOS Mobile app

A new app needs to be made for general audience for RajYog course and its resources with other features later added. If you have knowledge of making an iPhone app, contact us using this form.

If you wish to contribute in other services like editing videos for our YouTube channels, written articles, painting posters, or anything that can guide human beings towards the path of spirituality as shown by God. Thus for any such other contribution, Contact Us using this link.

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