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Jesus Christ - Revelations on His time, Life Story and Christian Religion

A brief biography of Christ as revealed in Murlis, spoken by the incorporeal God father 'Shiv' (meaning 'Ever Benevolent) through the medium of his chariot Prajapita Brahma, after whom the name Brahma Kumaris was given.

All below are as it is revelations given from Murli. The truth of how religions of world are established by their respective fathers. Here it is revealed how the Soul of Christ enters and established his religion 2000 years ago. Anything about Christ will be loved by his beloved Christians. So with love for our Christian brothers, we write to you this: 


Time: Christ comes to play his part of establishment of the Christian religion in the copper age of world cycle after exactly 3000 years after the creation of heaven and 500 years after the end of the silver age.

Life: The Soul of Christ enters the body of Jesus (when Jesus would be around an age of maturity between 25 and 30) and starts preaching the knowledge through his mouth. In truth, Christ did not take birth from the womb of a mother, it was the soul of Jesus who took a birth. There are 2 different souls and hence the name is given 'Jesus Christ' signifying both Jesus and the Christ (founder of Christianity)

Religion: The Soul of Christ would use the body of Jesus to preach the knowledge about God Father that he has. Soul carries the information. Christ keeps entering the body of Jesus regularly. In about 5 to 7 years only, the entire preaching was told. It was Jesus who was crucified and not Christ, as Christ just came down to this world. His soul was completely pure and with the law of the world, no pure soul can get sorrow or pain. Christ merely used the medium of Jesus to establish his religion. But surely, as the body of Jesus attained death, both Jesus and the Christ has to take birth. This time, even Christ will take birth to a mother. The religion is established and now it is time to create a kingdom.

Jesus Christ pointing to God

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1.  As explained about the World Drama Cycle, there was only one religion in the world for the first half of the cycle (i.e. 2500 years). There was heaven on earth 3000 years before Christ. A cycle of happiness and sorrow exist. Each time is referred to as Heaven and hell.  When all the souls of the world were in their highest and pure stage, it was heaven. When they fell into vices (ate the apple of lust), the copper age begins. Christ comes 500 years after the beginning of the Copper Age.

It is the copper age only when the heads of religions (Ibrahim, Buddha, Christ, etc) comes one by one and establish their religions around the world. When their religion is established, the souls which belong to that religion would come down and take birth in a family where that particular religion is followed. So the head of Christians is Christ and all rest souls which belong to Christian religion would follow the Soul of Christ and come down after him.

(Here come down means - coming down to this corporeal world from our home, the incorporeal soul world)

Below lines are taken from Murlis of Shiv baba. To understand them, you first need to know What is Murli?

2. "Christ does not take birth like an ordinary child. In fact, Christ is the name of the head of Christian religion and it is not Jesus who established the religion. It is the soul of Jesus, who takes birth from a mother. When Jesus is around the age of maturity, the Soul of Christ comes and enters his body and starts preaching the knowledge."  - Sakar Murli (spoken by God through his chariot- Brahma)

3. "The soul of Christ is pure when it first comes, hence he cannot suffer pain (crucifixion). It was Jesus's soul who suffered the pain during the crucifixion. Soul of Christ had left the body of Jesus after the preaching of knowledge was done."  - Sakar Murli

4. "It takes 100 years to establish the Christian religion, so as all religions are established within 100 years of coming of the founder. In those 100 years, knowledge is given and followers of their path are prepared."  - Sakar Murli

5. "Fathers of religions are divine souls who come on their own time. They are not exactly sent by God. It is automatically that the souls come to play their part in world drama. It is the incorporeal world where souls live before they enter this corporeal world. In that world, there is no sound or activity. When the world becomes vicious and starts falling down (spiritually), these fathers of religions comes to give God's message and establish a new religion. "  - Sakar Murli

CommentsIn memory of the soul of Christ, it is present that God is light. He keeps thus pointing towards him as God the creator of heaven. He knew that heaven was created and those who followed the advice of God were uplifted and those who disobeyed, did not achieve that paradise. There was only one religion in the golden and silver ages. Souls were conscious of their true identity, thus it was a perfect world where nature was also at her highest stage. With no trace of sorrow, it was a perfect world.

Christ is beloved of God Father and thus his name keeps coming in the Murli many times, while Baba (the father) tells about how the three major religions of the world were established. Just as Christ you and me are equally beloved sons of Godfather, whose biography and introduction you will learn on the page - GOD.

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