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Registration Form (Join Us as a true BK)

Online Registration form for Brahma Kumari/Kumar. This is the most wonderful form to fill. As you complete and submit this form, your name and details will be submitted in the Godly record. We come closer to the highest purpose of human life by re-awakening our original divine virtues of purity, peace, love, knowledge, and bliss; by following the shrimat (advise) of Shiv baba, our spiritual father.

Welcome. After you have followed the first 3 given steps given on this page, then you come here and submit this form to us. Give your details (Name, email, address, how you came in Gyan, since how long and how good you follow the Shrimat)

NOTE: This form is only for those who follow Celibacy (Brahmacharya) as a way of life and are regular godly students (listen/read gyan murli regularly), and does Purusharth to adopt spiritual virtues.

NOTE: Please only submit your name once. Purity (celibacy) is our 'main' subject. So if you have not adopted purity in life, your form cannot be accepted in the Godly record.

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