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BK murli today: 23 Dec 2020 - Brahma Kumaris Murli for today in English

Shiv Baba's murli for today for Brahma Kumaris/Kumar (BK godly students). Date: 23 December 2020 (Wednesday). Publisher: Madhuban, Mount Abu. Visit Official Murli blog~ listen + read daily murlis.

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"Sweet children, this impure world is an old village. It is not worth you living in it. You now have to go to the pure, new world."


Which one method does the Father tell His children about for them to make progress?


Children, be obedient and continue to follow BapDada's directions. Bap and Dada are together. Therefore, if there is any harm caused through his directions (Brahma’s), the Father is responsible and He will put everything right. You mustn't use your own dictates. Continue to move along considering these to be Shiv Baba's directions and there will be great progress.

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Om Shanti. The principal thing that the spiritual Father explains to you spiritual children is: Sit here with the faith that you are souls and remember the Father and all your sorrow will be removed. Those people give blessings. This Father says: Children, all your sorrow will be removed; simply consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. This is extremely easy. This is easy ancient Raj Yoga of Bharat. Even though you say "ancient”, there has to be a time period. Even if you say "long, long ago”, how long ago was it? The Father explains: I taught you Raj Yoga exactly 5000 years ago. No one, except the Father, can explain this and no one, except the children, can understand it. It is remembered that souls, the children, remained separated from the Father, the Supreme Soul, for a long time.

The Father also says: You became impure while coming down the ladder. You now remember everything. Everyone cries out: Oh Purifier! In the iron age there are only impure beings. In the golden age there are only pure beings. That is the pure world. This old impure world is not worthy for you to live in. However, the influence of Maya is no less. You can see that they build buildings here 100 to 125 storey’s high. This is said to be the pomp of Maya. The splendour of Maya is such that even if you invite someone to go to heaven, he would say that it is heaven for him here. This is called the splendour of Maya. However, you children understand that this is an old village. It is called hell, the old world, and that, too, in the extreme depths of hell. The golden age is called heaven. These words are already used. Everyone calls this a vicious world. Heaven was the viceless world. Heaven is called the viceless world and hell is called the vicious world. Why doesn't something so simple sit in anyone's intellect? Human beings are experiencing so much sorrow! There continue to be so many wars and so much fighting. Day by day, they manufacture such bombs etc. that, as soon they are dropped, people would die. However, human beings with degraded intellects don't understand what is to happen now.

No one, except the Father, can explain what is going to happen. The new world is being established in an incognito way and then the old world is going to be destroyed. You children are called incognito warriors. Does anyone understand that you are at war? Your war is with the five vices. You tell everyone to become pure. You are all the children of the one Father. The children of Prajapita Brahma are all brothers and sisters. You must explain in the right way. Prajapita Brahma has many children, not just one. The very name is the Father of the People (Prajapita). A physical father is never called the Father of the People. Since Prajapita Brahma exists, all his children must be brothers and sisters, Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. However, they don't understand this; it is as though their intellects are like stone; they don't even try to understand. The children of Prajapita Brahma are all brothers and sisters; they cannot indulge in vice. It is essential to have the word "Prajapita" on the board. You must definitely write this word. Just writing "Brahma" there isn't as much impact. Therefore the correct words have to be written on the board. This is most essential. Even some females have the name Brahma. They have run out of names and so they have given the names of males to females. Where could they bring so many names from?

Everything happens according to the drama plan. To become faithful and obedient to the Father is not like going to your aunty's home! Bap and Dada are together. You cannot tell which one is speaking. This is why Shiv Baba says: People cannot even understand My directions. Whether you are told something right or wrong, always consider it to be Shiv Baba who is telling you and He will be responsible. Even though this one may say something that causes harm, that One is responsible and He will therefore put everything right. Continue to consider them to be Shiv Baba's directions and there will be a lot of progress. However, some of you find this difficult to understand; you then continue to follow your own directions. The Father comes from so far away to give you children directions and to explain to you. No one else has this spiritual knowledge. Think about this throughout the whole day. What should you write so that people can understand? You should write such simple words that people's vision falls on it. You should explain in such a way that there is no need for anyone to ask questions. Tell them that the Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me and all your sorrow will be removed.

Those who stay in remembrance very well will claim a high status. This is a matter of just a second. People ask so many different types of question; you mustn't answer them all. Tell them: Don't ask too many questions! First of all, have faith in one thing! If you get caught in a jungle of questions, you won't be able to find your way out again. It is just as when people get caught in a fog and it becomes difficult for them to find their way. It is the same here. People get caught up with Maya so much. Therefore, first of all, just tell everyone one thing: You are an imperishable soul. The Father too is imperishable and the Purifier. You are impure. Now, you either have to go back home or to the new world. Souls will continue to come down to the old world until the end. Those who don't study fully will definitely come at the end. The account is clear and it can be understood who will come first by how much you all study. This is also seen in a school. Race to the goal, touch it and come back! The one who comes back first receives a prize. This aspect is unlimited. The prize you receive is unlimited. The Father says: Stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. You have to imbibe divine virtues. It is here that you have to become full of all virtues, and that is why Baba asks you to keep a chart. Keep a chart of the pilgrimage of remembrance and you will understand whether you are in profit or loss. However, some children don't keep it. Baba asks you children to do this, but you don't do it. Very few do it and this is why the rosary of only a few is created.

Eight receive the highest scholarship and then 108 have plus marks. Who will claim plus marks? Those who are to become emperors and empresses. There is only a very slight difference. The Father says: First of all, consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father! This is the pilgrimage of remembrance. Just give this message from the Father. There is no need to speak too much. Simply say: Manmanabhav! Renounce all relations of bodies! Remove everyone of the old world from your intellect because you now have to become bodiless and return home. Here, Baba reminds you but you don't remember Him at all throughout the whole day and you don't follow shrimat either; it doesn't sit in your intellect. The Father says: If you want to go to the new world, become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Baba gave you your fortune of the kingdom and you then lost it while taking 84 births. There is no question of hundreds of thousands of years. Many children don’t know Alpha, they continue to ask many questions. The Father says: First of all, constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be cut away. Also imbibe divine virtues and you will become deities. There is no need to ask anything else. When they don't understand Alpha, but simply continue to speak about beta and theta, you yourself become confused and then distressed.

The Father says: By first of all understanding Alpha, you will understand everything. By understanding Me from Me you will come to understand everything. There will be nothing left for you to understand. This is why you are given seven days. You can understand a great deal in seven days. However, it is numberwise among those who understand this. Some don't understand anything at all. How could they become kings or queens? Would they rule over one person? Each one has to create his own subjects. A lot of time is wasted. The Father says that they are poor and helpless. No matter how great a status they may have, the Father knows that all of it is going to turn to dust. Little time remains. At the time of destruction, those who have non-loving intellects will be destroyed. You can understand that we souls have such loving intellects. Some say that they are only able to stay in remembrance for one or two hours. Is it that you only love your physical father for one or two hours? You continue to say "Baba, Baba," throughout the whole day. Here, although you say "Baba, Baba", there isn't that deep love. You are repeatedly told to remember Shiv Baba. You have to have true remembrance. You mustn't try to be too clever in this. There are many who say: I remember Shiv Baba a great deal. In that case, they should be flying: Baba, I'm now going to go on service to bring benefit to many. The more people you give this message to, the more you will stay in remembrance. Many daughters say that they are in bondage. However, the whole world is in bondage! The bondages have to be cut tactfully. There are many methods. For instance, if you were to die tomorrow, who would look after your children? Definitely, someone or other would emerge to look after them. On the path of ignorance you would even get married again. At this time, to get married again is a big problem. Just give someone a little money and tell that person to look after the children. This is your birth of dying alive. When you die alive, who looks after everything for you? Surely a nurse would have to be employed. What cannot be accomplished with money? You definitely have to become free from bondage. Those who have a keen interest in doing service will go running to serve; they are dead to the world.

Here, the Father says: You also have to uplift your friends and relatives etc. Give everyone the message of "Manmanabhav” so that they can become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Only the Father tells you this. All the others come down from up above. Their followers also continue to come down behind them. For instance, Christ brought everyone down. When they become peaceless from having played their parts down here, they say they want peace. They were sitting in peace and then they had to follow their preceptor down here. Then they call out: O Purifier, come! Look how the play is made! They will come at the end to achieve their aim. Some children have had visions. They will come and achieve their aim of becoming "Manmanabhav”. You are now changing from beggars to princes. Those who are wealthy at this time will then become beggars. It is a wonder! No one knows this play at all. The whole kingdom is being established. There will be some there who are poor too, won't there? A very far-sighted intellect is needed to understand this. At the end, you will have visions of how you will all be transferred. You are studying for the new world. You are now at the confluence. After you have studied, you will pass and go into the deity clan. At the moment you are in the Brahmin clan. No one else can understand these things. It doesn't sit in anyone's intellect, even slightly, that God is teaching. Incorporeal God definitely comes here. This drama is created in a very wonderful way. You understand the drama and you play your parts. You have to use the picture of the Trimurti to explain that establishment takes place through Brahma. Destruction will take place automatically. They have simply given a name. This drama is predestined. The main thing is to consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father so that the rust can be removed. The better you study at school, the greater your income. You receive health and wealth for 21 births; this is not a small thing! Here, although someone has wealth, there won’t be time for his children and grandchildren to eat from that. The father used everything he had for service here. Therefore he accumulated so much! Not everyone's wealth will accumulate. There are so many millionaires, but their wealth will not be used. The Father will not accept it or He would have to give a return. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence of Murli
  1. Create methods to cut your bondages. Have deep love in your heart for the Father. Give everyone the Father's message and bring benefit to everyone.

  2. Understand this unlimited play with a far-sighted intellect. Pay full attention to the study of changing from a beggar to a prince. Keep a true chart of remembrance.


May you become an embodiment of fearless authority who reveals the one Father on the basis of truth.

Truth is the basis of revelation. In order to reveal the Father, speak with fearlessness and as an embodiment of authority, not with hesitation. When those with many opinions just accept that the Father of all of us is One, that only He carries out this task, that all of us are the children of the One and that He is the true One, the flag of victory will then be hoisted. With this belief, you will return to the land of liberation and then, when you come down to play your own parts, this sanskar of "God is One” will emerge. This is the awareness in the golden age.


To tolerate something is to reveal your own form of power.
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