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BK murli today: 30 Dec 2020 - Brahma Kumaris Murli for today in English

Shiv Baba's murli for today for Brahma Kumaris/Kumar (BK godly students). Date: 30 December 2020 (Wednesday). Publisher: Madhuban, Mount Abu. Visit Official Murli blog~ listen + read daily murlis.

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"Sweet children, at the confluence age you receive the blessing of truth from the true Father. Therefore you must never lie."


What effort do you children definitely have to make in order to become vice less?


You definitely have to make the effort to become soul conscious. Practice only seeing the soul in the centre of the forehead. Consider yourself to be a soul as you talk to souls and listen to souls. Your vision should not fall on their bodies. This is the main effort you have to make and it is in this effort that there are obstacles. Practice as much as possible, "I am a soul, I am a soul."

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Salutations to Shiva!

Om Shanti. The Father has reminded you sweet children how the world cycle turns. Now, you children know that whatever you have come to know from the Father and the path that the Father has shown you are not known by anyone in the world. He has also explained the meaning of "Those who become the worthy-of-worship masters of the world then become worshippers.” You wouldn't say this of the Supreme Soul. It has entered your awareness that this is absolutely right. Only the Father tells you the news of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. No one else can be called the Ocean of Knowledge. This is not the praise of Shri Krishna. Krishna is the name of that soul’s body. He is a bodily being; he cannot have all this knowledge. You understand that soul is now receiving knowledge. This is a wonderful thing. No one but the Father can explain this.

There are many sages and holy men who teach many different types of hatha yoga etc. All of that is the path of devotion. You don't worship anyone in the golden age. You don't become worshippers there. It is of them that it is said: They were worthy-of-worship deities. However, they are no longer that, those same worthy-of-worship ones have now become worshippers. The Father says: This one also used to perform worship. At this time the people of the whole world are worshippers. In the new world, there is only the one deity religion of those who are worthy of worship. You children are now aware that, according to the dramaplan, this is absolutely right. This is truly the Gita episode. It is just that they have changed the name in the Gita and you make effort to explain this. For 2500 years, they have been thinking that the Gita was spoken by Krishna. Now, it would take time, would it not, for them to understand in one birth that it was incorporeal God who spoke the Gita? He has also explained how tall and complicated the tree of devotion is. You can write that the Father is teaching you Raj Yoga. You children who have such faith can explain to others with that faith. If there isn’t that faith, you yourselves become confused about how to explain to others and are afraid that there might be some upheaval. You haven’t yet become fearless. You will be fearless when you become completely soul conscious. It is on the path of devotion that they have fear. All of you are brave warriors. No one in the world knows how to conquer Maya. You children now remember that the Father also told you previously: Manmanabhav! Only the Purifier Father comes and explains this to you. Although this term is mentioned in the Gita, no one can explain it.

The Father says: Children, may you be soul conscious! These expressions in the Gita are like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour. The Father instills faith in you about everything. Those who have faithful intellects become victorious. You are now claiming your inheritance from the Father. The Father says: You definitely have to live at home with your families. There is no need for all of you to come and live here. Service has to be done and centres have to be opened. You are the Salvation Army. You are the Godly mission. Previously, you belonged to the shudra mission of Maya, whereas you now belong to the Godly mission. You are very important. What praise is there of Lakshmi and Narayan? They rule in the same way that kings rule, but they are called, "Full of all virtues and the masters of the world”, because there is no other kingdom at that time. You children now understand how they became the masters of the world. We are now becoming deities. Therefore, how can we bow down to them?

You have now become knowledge-full. Those who don’t have knowledge continue to bow their heads. You also now know everyone’s occupation. You can explain which pictures are right and which ones are wrong. You can also explain that this is the kingdom of Ravan and it is about to be set on fire. The haystack has to be set on fire. The world is said to be like a haystack. You have to explain the words that have been used. They have created many pictures on the path of devotion. In fact, originally, there is the worship of Shiv Baba and then of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. The Trimurti that they have created is right. Then, there are this Lakshmi and Narayan. Saraswati is also included with Brahma in the Trimurti. They create so many pictures on the path of devotion. They even worship Hanuman. You are becoming brave warriors. In the temple, some are portrayed riding elephants and others riding horses. However, how could any of them (the deities) be riding them like that? The Father says: Maharathis. A maharathi means one who rides an elephant. Therefore, they have portrayed them riding elephants. The meaning of how the alligator ate the elephant has also been explained to you. The Father explains: Maya, the alligator, sometimes swallows maharathis. You now understand this knowledge. Maya eats good maharathis. These things are aspects of knowledge. No one else can explain these things.

The Father says: Become viceless and imbibe divine virtues. Every cycle, the Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. It requires effort for you to gain victory over that. You belong to the Father of People. Therefore, you are brothers and sisters. In fact, you are originally souls. A soul is speaking to souls. You have to remember that it is the soul that hears everything through these ears. I am speaking to souls and not bodies. We souls are originally brothers. Then we become one another’s brothers and sisters. You have to relate this to brothers. Your vision should go towards the soul. I am speaking to my brother. Brother, are you listening? Yes, I, a soul, am listening. There is a child in Bikaneer who always writes "soul this" and "soul that". "I, a soul, am writing through this body." "I, a soul, think this." "I, a soul, am doing this." To become soul conscious requires effort. I, a soul, say "Namaste”. When Baba says "spiritual children” he has to look at the foreheads. It is the souls that listen. I am speaking to this soul. Similarly, your vision should fall on the soul that is in the centre of the forehead. Obstacles come when your vision falls on the body. Speak to souls! Look at the souls! Renounce body consciousness! This soul also understands that the Father is sitting in the centre of the forehead and that you say "namaste” to Him.

Your intellects have the knowledge that each of you is a soul and that it is the soul that listens. Previously, you didn’t have this knowledge. You received those bodies in order to play your parts. This is why a name is given to each body. It is at this time that you have to become soul conscious in order to return home. Those names have been given to you to play your parts. No activity can take place without names. There will be business activity there too, but you will have become satopradhan. That is why there are no sinful actions there; you won’t perform any actions that are sinful. The kingdom of Maya doesn’t exist there. The Father says: You souls now have to return home. Those are old bodies. Then, you will go to the golden and silver ages. There is no need for knowledge there. Why are you given knowledge here? Because you are in a state of degradation. You will perform actions there too, but they will be neutral actions.

The Father says: Let your hands do the work and your heart be with the Father! Souls remember the Father. In the golden age you are pure and so all your activities are true. In the tamopradhan kingdom of Ravan all your activities are false. This is why people go on pilgrimages etc. No one commits any sin in the golden age, so they do not have to go on pilgrimages etc. Whatever you do there is truthful. You have received the blessing of truth. There is no question of any vice there. There is no need for lies in any activities. Here, because of greed, they continue to cheat and steal. These things do not exist there. According to the drama, you become such flowers. That world is viceless, whereas this world is vicious. You have the whole play in your intellects. Only at this time do you have to make effort to become pure. Through the power of yoga, you become the masters of the world. The power of yoga is the main thing.

The Father says: No one on the path of devotion has been able to attain Me by doing penance or having sacrificial fires etc. Everyone has to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. This knowledge is very easy and entertaining. It does require you to make effort too. It is this yoga, through which you become satopradhan, that is praised. Only the Father shows you the path to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. No one else can give you this knowledge. Even though some go to the moon and some even walk on water, that is not Raj Yoga. They cannot change from ordinary humans into Narayan. Here, you understand that you belonged to the original, eternal, deity religion and are now once again becoming that. You now remember that the Father also explained this to you in the previous cycle.

The Father says: Those who have faithful intellects become victorious. If someone doesn’t have faith, he won’t come to listen. Even after having faithful intellects, some become those with doubtful intellects. Many very good maharathis also develop doubts. There is body consciousness because of just a small storm of Maya. Bap and Dada are combined. Shiv Baba gives you knowledge and then who knows whether He goes away or what happens? Should you ask Baba whether He is always here or if He goes away? You cannot ask the Father this question.

The Father says: I am showing you the way to become pure from impure. I come and go; I have a lot of work to do. I come to the children and even have tasks accomplished through them. No one should have doubts about this. Your duty is to remember the Father. By having doubts, you fall. Maya slaps you very hard. The Father says: I enter this one at the end of the last of his many births. You children have the faith that it really is only the Father who gives us this knowledge. No one else can give it. The Father knows that, in spite of this, so many fall even after having faith. You have to become pure.

Therefore, the Father says: Constantly remember Me alone! Don’t get caught up in anything else. When you speak in that way, it is understood that you don’t have firm faith. First of all, understand the one thing through which your sins are absolved. There is no need to speak of useless matters. Your sins will be absolved by having remembrance of the Father. So, why do you get involved in other things? When you see that someone is becoming confused by the questions and answers, tell him: Forget those things and just make the effort to remember the one Father. When you develop doubt, you stop studying and then there’ll be no benefit. Explain after feeling their pulse. If they have any doubt, make them have firm faith in one point alone. You have to explain with great tact.

You children should first of all have the faith that Baba has come and is making us pure. You have this happiness. If you don’t study, you fail. How could such a soul then be happy? At school, they have the same study, but some study and then earn hundreds of thousands, whereas others earn five to ten rupees. Your aim and objective is to change from ordinary humans into Narayan. A kingdom is being established. You are to change from ordinary humans into deities. Deities have a huge kingdom. To claim a high status in that depends on how you study and your activity. Your activities should be very good. Baba even says of himself: I haven’t yet reached my karmateet stage. I too have to become perfect; I haven’t become that yet. Knowledge is very easy. It is also easy to remember the Father, but you should at least do it. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence of Murli
  1. Never stop studying by developing doubt about any aspect. In order to become pure, first of all remember the one Father. Don’t become involved in other matters.

  2. Obstacles come when your vision falls on bodies. Therefore, always look at the centre of the forehead. Consider yourselves to be souls and talk to souls. Become soul conscious. Become fearless when you do service.


May you become an embodiment of power and destroy the iron-aged mountain of weaknesses with your determined thoughts.

When you are disheartened, influenced by a sanskar or adverse situation, attracted to a person or material comfort, give a finger of determined thoughts to the iron-aged mountain of all these weaknesses and destroy it for all time that is, become victorious. "Victory is the garland around your neck”. With this awareness, you will always be an embodiment of power. This is the return of love. Just as sakar Baba demonstrated this by becoming a pillar in his stage, follow the Father in the same way and become a pillar of all virtues.


Facilities are for service, not for your luxury or comfort.

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