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7 days Raja Yoga course in Audio

Listen seven days Raja Yoga (rajyoga) course in English audio, recorded by BK brother Smarth. RajYog course covers the introduction of Soul, of the Supreme Soul, the 3 worlds, soul tree, the four stages of World drama cycle, and the method of Rajyoga meditation as taught by God himself. This audio course ends with the Godly message and an introduction of Shiv baba's divine task of establishment of the coming new world (Satyug) through BKGSU.

Hear the nectar knowledge of creation and the creator. Become as you listen. If this helps you, please SHARE our Online Course section to others in your connection.

Day 1:  Who am I - Introduction of Soul

Day 1: SOUL: Who am I?Brahma Kumaris
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Day 2:  GOD - Introduction of Supreme Soul

Day 2: Introduction of GOD - RajYoga

Day 3: Three Worlds (incorporeal, subtle, corporeal)

Day 3: Three Worlds exists - RajYog

Day 4: World Drama and Cycle of 5000 years

Day 4: World Drama Cycle - RajYog
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