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The Shiv Baba Service initiative

The only and official page to know about ongoing godly services initiative via internet.

This is the only place to get know about the 'Shiv Baba Services Initiative' started in early 2016 for the final revelation of the most beloved supreme father (Shiv baba). All services are done on the internet.

What is this initiative for?

The initiative is for spiritual services done which are directly inspired by Shiv Baba. Thus we call it 'Shiv Baba Service'. Under this, we are making a base to create the godly kingdom for the coming new world (satyug). Under this initiative, we are to do large services through internet via various means. We are spreading Shiv Baba's divine message via all possible means (website, mobile apps, youtube channel, groups, social media, and emails)

Current Services

Currently we run and manage: 

Finance for all services is governed by personal savings and volunteer contributions.

When and How was it started?

This godly initiative was started in early 2016 with a YouTube channel to reveal God's knowledge to every soul in many ways. Daily murlis, avyakt murli clips, audio explanations, visuals, Rajyog meditation commentaries, regular classes, etc. were posted daily.

In May 2017, an idea emerged to start a website, where we can keep YouTube videos plus provide resources for both new and old baba's children. After 4 months of starting this website, the YouTube channel was closed. This provided me with extra time to work on the website and improve it. ''Lets make a one-stop website for everything'', a thought came. This was the true time of initiative. I devoted my entire time on this website. With this pure intention and hard work of 21 months, the website was almost ready to be said as One website for Everything. In Jan 2019, this website was reviewed by BK Karuna (Mount Abu) and they liked it very much. However, much work was left to be done. We needed helping hands and baba continued to send them at the right times...


How a team was formed?

It was in late 2017. We received emails from this website visitors to contribute in baba's service. We offered them to join our team since they were also in Gyan. This way, gradually, our team started growing. We created an official form for anyone who wish to join the Shiv Baba Services Initiative.

✿ Present Stage

The initiative has been growing, and more services are being done via many platforms. Many new websites were opened, the main website has been growing as we are improving the content. Today, the main website is the most used BK website as per the number of daily visits. Along with this, under our subsidiary Samadhan Initiative, we serve souls, answering to their questions, and giving guidance to solve their life challenges through our Samadhan WhatsApp group, and 3 email accounts.

You can find all our services listed in this section.

Team of the SBSI

On godly permission, this team has done a great and yet incognito service. Shiv baba is the creator (incorporeal creator) of this group. Such special souls will become an instrument for higher services in the future. Note that all members of our service team are living with loukik family. These souls are an example of Baba's Shrimat - ''Live in loukik (household) and do the Purusharth of Yaad and service.''

TEAM: There have been around 18 souls who have served in this initiative on various posts and did various services (developing 2 mobile apps, handling our main blog, murli website, writing articles, editing videos for our YouTube channel, handling our social media pages, serving on our daily sustenance WhatsApp groups, making PDF booklets, and even writing some books.

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