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Ideas for Future World Service till 2032

Bharat will be Heaven, the new world is to begin shortly. But how small small things will contribute to this World Transformation, let us know the vision that we, Brahma Kumar and Kumaris have for the near future before God's complete revelation has to happen before all his children. Everyone will get the message and will have all help given so that even the last comer have a chance to be one among 108 beads of Souls. This will be possible as the following visions come into light.

As the world will know God has come, many science persons and leaders will offer a helping hand with new advances for World services like digital resources accessible to all via TV, radio, etc, some of the below are made by June 2018. 

World Service Ideas

1. Digital Resources and Data

  • All Data of spoken Murlis is to be converted into htm format (for easy reading) in multiple languages for all years since Sakar Murli 1963 till Avyakt Murlis 2012

  • Gyaan should be explained with help of Audio and Videos so that many can listen while doing their other work or via Videos they will understand clearly.

  • Apps for All Material of Brahma Kumaris in multiple languages for Android, Windows and iPhones

  • Whatsapp Server to send Whatsapp Message to registered BKs in His own language. Done (2018)

  • BK Google Search - A personal Search Engine for BK Data Only - Done (2018)

2. Brahma Bhojanalay in all places

  • Brahma Bhojanalay in all Cities of Bharat with Pure Satvik Food and Toli made as per Shrimat (Yog Dhristi)

  • Pure Satvik Food and Water Services at Railway Station, Bus Stations and Airports

  • Encouragements will be given by many leaders about the significance of Pure sattvik food made and eaten in remembrance of God (Supreme Soul)

3. Services through Media

  • Message will be given mainly through Television. Presently, the Peace of Mind TV (PMTV) channel server many Madhuban Classes, Avyakt Murlis, and Rajyoga meditation guided commentary videos in many Indian languages. In the near future, the PMTV should serve the same message and guidance in international languages also. So it is a world's service.

  • PMTV channel should be available in All Airlines, Airports, Trains, luxury buses, in public gardens, etc.

  • Baba's News channels similar to PMTV should be available for only the news related to divine task of God (Yagya - Brahma Kumaris), of Today's Gyaan Murli points and news of services being done by BK centres around the world. This again in multiple languages.

  • Newspapers which only displays news or information about Shiv Baba, Murli, and RajYog (raja yoga) also including Godly missions, Classes by elders are discussed in newspapers and services running around the world (news)

4. Mobile and Digital

  • Baba's Mobile - Preloaded with All BK data, Apps and connected with our BK Data Center.

  • Tapes, Pendrives and CDs pre-Loaded with All BK Data

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