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"Introduction" - Brahma Kumaris BKGSU

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BKWSU Introduction

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Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University is established by the incorporeal God-Father Shiva (the Supreme Soul) as a foundation to recreate the new heavenly world.
➥ We are an internationally recognised non-governmental organisation (NGO) helping people from all religious and cultural background to recognise and experience the inner being (soul) and bring positive and magical transformation in personal lives through the practice of rajyoga meditation.

✱Our Early Story✱
'Om Mandli' - as it was named, was a group of a few tens of children, mothers, young and old men, in the very beginning time (late 1936) who surrendered their lives in the direction towards God after some or other divine experiences they received while attending a Satsang (spiritual retreat) at Dada Lekhraj's house. Right that time, not many realised the fact that it was God who was working through the medium of Dada Lekhraj. But as they received such experiences, they continued on the path. They tolerated harsh words and opposition of the whole community including their relatives, just because they followed celibacy and decided to walk on the path shown by God.

➥ In spite of the incredible social upheavals which were going on in pre-partition India, these people, a group of about 384 came together, initially in Hyderabad and a year later they moved to Karachi. With time, a simple and clear body of knowledge about the nature of the soul, God and time became revealed. In 1950 (two years after Partition), the group moved to its present location at Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India. Until then, these nearly 400 individuals lived as a self-sufficient large family, devoting their time to intense spiritual study, meditation, and self-transformation. Their undeviating faith and sacrifice became immortal...

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