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NOTE: This donation page is made to let you contribute in sustaining the online services to spread God's message in various ways. The contribution is selfless, trusted by the Shiv Baba Service Initiative, under our main website:

✤ If you wish to donate to Madhuban directly (for centre-related services), here is the official account of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris ➜ Madhuban Account

Please Read:

Small donations are accepted, or as suits to your financial stage. We accept via PayPal (worldwide) and PayUMoney (India), as they are 'safe and secured'. When you click on the 'Donate' or 'Contribute' button, there will be an option for using a bank card.

Note: We will only accept a donation between $5 and $60 USD (min: ₹100 INR and max: ₹4000)

➥We invite you first to learn everything about us, and the purpose and where the money generated from here is being used, before you decide to contribute.

After you donate, you will get a confirmation from PayPal or PayUMoney. We will also send you a personal email (if the donation is more than $40 or ₹2500)

Want to contribute your time in doing internet based services? Fill this form to apply.

✱Contribution received here will be used in online services that are operated by the BK team. Below is a list of all services running under the 'Shiv Baba Services Initiative'.

1. BK Websites 

We are paying about £45 a month to Wix for hosting our three websites, (, and

2. Mobile Apps 

We paid INR 30,000 in advance to develop a mobile app for daily sustenance and to provide valuable resources to Baba children. More money will be spent ahead.

3. Sound Cloud channel 

We are paying £10 a month for our daily sustenance SoundCloud channel Shiv BaBa Service.

4. Domains 

We pay on average £20 a month for 14 domains registered for use.

5. Files hosting 

We host downloadable files (audios/videos) on Mediafire & BK files. This costs £5 per month.

6. BabaMurli.NET

We run and maintain BabaMurli NET site to serve Daily Murli online, PDF & audio; and send daily murli via emails. This self-hosted website costs around £20 a month.

7. Salary paid 

We pay INR 17,000 total as salary to two members of our team who helps to operate the murli website (BabaMurli.NET) & the mobile app (BK sustenance).

Co-operate in World Service

The tree of Spiritual Services is growing...


Total Money used:  £300 (~ ₹28,000 INR per month) 


For Godly services, under the Shiv Baba Services Initiative account, we hold around ₹1,60,000 INR in savings as given on this report of Sept 21. But now the services are growing every moment. With the above given monthly payments, we also pay for occasional services. Hence this page is created to let anyone contribute towards this 'great' purpose. Take this opportunity to be a helping hand in Godly services through SBSI. If you wish, you may email us regarding this at with the subject "Contribute".

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