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Celibacy ~A way of Living (English)

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Celibacy- Way of LivingBK Smarth
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Celibacy- Way of Living

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Celibacy is understood by the world as to be a virgin for life. But it is not only an external lifestyle, but a way of living. Now we have understood through the Godly knowledge, that celibacy is having purity in our mind (in thoughts), purity of mouth (in our words) and purity of the physical body (being a Brahmachari). The subject of purity or celibacy is very very subtle. Hence if one wishes to understand and fully imbibe, then in one-word purity means 'complete Soul Consciousness'.

One of the disciplines of Raja Yoga is the observance of “Brahmacharya” or celibacy. BKs, as they develop, come to understand the value of purity and choose to be celibate while living in the world. Celibacy is the first step for a soul that is becoming pure. The vow of purity, however, is not only a vow of celibacy, but it is also to remain pure in every thought, word, and deed. One may say that celibacy is naturally easy. Others may say, it is almost impossible. Such way also, even those who believe that it is somehow difficult can also certainly try their best. Because not to forget that God himself has directed us this message of purity. Without this virtue (of purity) one will not enter in a divine stage of meditation on God, which is nothing but his remembrance.

There are 3 stages of Purity:

1. Purity in Thoughts (the quality of our thoughts directly reflects our inner personality)
2. Purity in Words (what we speak, should reflect our original nature of purity, love, peace)
3. Purity in Actions (deeds - Karma which we perform through our five sense organs)

In a subtle look, complete celibacy means to avoid contact with impure thoughts and attitude (vrutti). It is instead renunciation of body consciousness and its related 5 vices, not the world. No one can live without doing Karma.

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