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Dessehra Significance ~Final 10th Day of Navratri

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Dussehra SignificanceBK Smarth
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Dussehra Significance

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दशहरा - Dussehra - Destroying The Ravan Within

✶A Special Message On Dussehra this year 2020✶

This is a Godly message to overcome the five vices (lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment) which we call Ravan (or Ravana), and to re-establish the inner kingdom of peace, purity, love, joy, and spiritual power. We Souls who has fallen in the well of these five vices will now recognise its true spiritual identity as a child of the Supreme Soul (god) and thus receive the knowledge from the father (Shiv Baba).

So let's explore the truth behind celebration of Dessehra (Dushera) after the nine days of Navratri and why is Ravana burned on the 10th day? What does it mean? What does 10 heads of Ravan signify? Who are Sita and Rama? You will know them in this article...

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