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Today's Murli- 7 June 2020 | Shiv Baba's Murli in English

"The year of the goldenchance for effort and transformation."

Today, the Powerful Father is seeing His powerful children, the powerful souls who have the determined thought to carry out the biggest, most powerful task of making the world new and elevated. You have the thought of carrying out the powerful task of making every soul peaceful and happy. By having this elevated thought, your intellects have the determination to carry out this task in a practical way. All the powerful children have just the one elevated thought that this elevated task has to take place. Even more than that, it is guaranteed that this task is already accomplished. It is just that you are carrying out the task as instruments, according to the philosophy of karma and its fruit, through your effort and the reward, and through being instruments with humility. The destiny is fixed. However, it is just that through your elevated feelings, you have become instruments to receive the imperishable fruit of those feelings. Souls of the world who don’t have knowledge are wondering: Will there be peace? What will happen? How will it happen? They cannot see any hope. They ask, "Will this really happen?” and you say: Yes! Not only will it happen, it has already happened because it isn’t anything new. It has happened many times, and it is even now already accomplished. Those whose intellects have faith know the destiny that is guaranteed. Why do you have such unshakeable faith? Because of the practical proof of your self-transformation; you know that where you have practical proof, there is no need for any other proof. Besides, God’s task is always guaranteed to be successful. This is not a task for human souls, great souls (Mahatmas) and religious souls (Dharamatma). You are carefree souls whose intellects have such faith. You know that the future is guaranteed, that God’s task is already successfully accomplished. People speak about destruction and are afraid that it is going to happen and you are carefree because the new world will be established. There is such a big difference between the impossible and the possible. The golden sun of the golden world is always above and in front of you whereas they have the dark clouds of destruction in front of them. Because that time is coming close, all of you are wearing ankle bells and continually dancing in happiness, for today it’s the old world and tomorrow it will be the golden world. Today and tomorrow have become so close.

Now, this year, you have to experience the year of becoming "perfect and equal”. Perfection is invoking all of you angels with the rosary of victory. You are going to become those who have a right to the rosary of victory, are you not? Both the perfect Father and the perfect stage are calling out to you children: Come, elevated souls, come! Equal children, come! Powerful children, come! Become equal and rest in your sweet home. Just as BapDada is the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings, this year, you too have to become bestowers of fortune and bestowers of blessings for Brahmin souls especially and for all other souls too. Tomorrow, you will become deities, but you must now become the final, angelic form. What do angels do? They become bestowers of blessings and give blessings. Deities (devta) constantly give, they don’t take. They are not called "levta” (those who take). So, you are bestowers of blessings and bestowers of fortune, angels who are to become deities. Now especially become embodiments of the awareness of this great mantra "We are angels who will become deities.” You have already become "Manmanabhav”. That was the mantra of the beginning. Now, put this powerful mantra into your experience. "I should have this, I should receive this!” Both of those things make you into "levta” (those who take). The sanskars of taking make you take a long time to become devta (deities, bestowers). Therefore, now finish those sanskars. In your first birth, you will come as number one deities from the home with Brahma into the new life and the new age. That will also be the period "1-1-1”. The elements will also be number one satopradhan. The kingdom too will be number one. Your golden stage will also be number one. If there is the difference of even one day, it won’t be "1.1.1”. In order to become deities from angels, enable those sanskars to emerge in your actions over a long period of time because the long period of time has been remembered, and the end of that long period of time is now coming. Do not calculate a date for that.

Destruction is said to be the final moments. At that time, the chance of "over a long period of time” will have already finished. However, even the chance of "over a short time” will finish. This is why BapDada is giving the signal of the end of the long period of time. Then, the chance of the account of a long period of time will end and it will be said to be effort over a short period and the reward over a short period. In the account of karma, the account of a long period of time is coming to an end and the account of a short time or a temporary time is beginning. Therefore, this year is the year for transformation. From there being a long period of time, there has to be transformation in a short period of time. So, in the efforts you make this year, you have to accumulate as much as you want in the account of a long period of time. Do not complain later that you were moving along with carelessness and that, if not today, you will change tomorrow. Therefore, become those who know the philosophy of karma. Become knowledge-full and move forward at a fast speed. Do not continue to calculate in terms of the year 2000. Calculation of the time for efforts is separate from the calculation for the time for world transformation. Do not think that there are 15 years still left, or 18 years left, that it will happen in ‘99. Do not continue to think in this way. Understand the calculation. Know the account of your efforts and the reward of them and move forward at that speed. Otherwise, if the old sanskars of a long time still remain, then this calculation of a long period of time will be accumulated in the account of the land of Dharamraj. Even now, some still have an account of wasteful and wrong acts and sinful acts over a long period. BapDada knows those but He is not letting them out (revealing them). He is leaving them behind the curtain for a little while. Nevertheless, there is a lot in the account of wasteful and wrong (inaccurate) activity. Therefore, this year you have an extra golden chance. Just as there is the most auspicious confluence age, so too, this is the year for the golden chance of efforts and reward. Therefore, do not waste this year of the special blessing of courage and help as if it were just an ordinary 50 years. Even now, the Father, as the Ocean of Love, and with the love of all relationships, is seeing and hearing but not seeing and not hearing about the carelessness and ordinary efforts of the children, and is making them move forward by giving them extra marks with extra help out of love for them. He is giving you a lift, but the time is now changing. Therefore, now understand the philosophy of karma very well and benefit from this time. You were told that the 18th chapter has begun. The speciality of the 18th chapter is of becoming an embodiment of remembrance: not that you have awareness one moment and you forget the next. To be an embodiment of remembrance means that you have that awareness over a long period of time, naturally and easily. Now finish the sanskars of battling, the sanskars of labouring and the sanskars of confusion in your mind. Otherwise, those sanskars will become yours for a long time and become instrumental in making you attain the future status according to those final moments. You were told that the time for making effort over a long period is now coming to an end and that the account of weaknesses over a long period is now beginning. Have you now understood this? This is why this is the special time for transformation. Baba is at present the Bestower of Blessings, but He will then become the One who takes your account. At present, there is just the account of love. So, what do you have to do? Become an embodiment of remembrance. Becoming an embodiment of remembrance will automatically make you a destroyer of attachment. The list of attachments has now become very long. One is the household of the self, the others are the household of the divine family, the household of service and the household of limited attainments. Become a destroyer of attachment to all of those, that is, become detached and loving. The consciousness of "I” means attachment, so become a destroyer of attachment for that too. You will only claim a right to the reward of a long period of time by making effort over a long period of time. A long period of time means to receive the fruit or reward from the beginning to the end. In any case, you know very well the significance of becoming free from each and every type of household and can also give very good lectures on that. However, to become free means to be a destroyer of attachment. Do you understand? You have even more points than BapDada; so, what further points should Baba tell you? You have the points, but now become a point. Achcha.

To those who know the philosophy of attainment by always performing elevated acts, to those who constantly make intense effort over a long period of time, to those with the elevated sanskars of elevated effort, to those who are always the original jewels of the golden age, the original jewels of the confluence age, to the children who are equal to Adi Dev, to those who have the elevated blessing from the original father and the eternal Father of becoming the first ones, love and remembrance together with namaste from the Father, the Server.

BapDada speaking to Dadis:

Who will open the gates of the home? Those who are celebrating the Golden Jubilee or the Silver Jubilee will open the gates with Brahma, will they not? Or, will you come later? If you go with Baba, you will go as a bride, whereas if you go later, you will go as part of the procession. The relatives will also be called part of the procession. They may be close, but it would still be said: The procession has come. So, who will open the gates? Those of the Golden Jubilee or those of the Silver Jubilee? Those who open the gates of the home will open the gates to heaven. No one is forbidden to come to the subtle region now. In the corporeal world, there are still the restrictions of time and circumstances, but there is no restriction in coming to the subtle region. No one will stop you; there is no need to take your turn. By practising this, you will feel that, while here in your body, you will go and tour there and come back in a second. There is the memorial of touring around with the subtle body within, so the soul within becomes a vehicle. You will experience it as though the plane takes off as soon as you press the button, and you just tour around and come back, and others will also feel as though you are here and yet not here. You saw that when the sakar form was speaking to you, Baba was with you one second and then you felt as though he was not there. One moment he was there and the next moment he was not. You experienced that, did you not? You had that experience, did you not? For that, there is a need to pack up all physical expansion. You saw that the final stage of the sakar form, despite there being so much expansion, was that of merging the expansion and remaining beyond. One minute, Baba was giving a direction for something physical and the next moment Baba was giving the experience of the bodiless stage. So, you saw the revelation of the power to pack up. You people also used to ask: Is Baba here or not? Is Baba listening or not? However, the speed was so fast that no task was missed out. Even if you were telling Baba about something, he would not miss that, for the speed was so fast that he could do both tasks in a minute. He would catch the essence and also tour around. He wouldn’t be bodiless in such a way that someone would talk to him and then say that Baba didn’t even listen to him. The speed was fast. The intellect became so broad and unlimited that he did both tasks at the same time. This happens when you use the power to pack up. Now there is expansion of the household. While staying in that, the practice of the angelic stage will grant visions. The effort you have to make at the moment over every little thing automatically seems to be gross when you go up above. As you go up, the things of down below will automatically end. You will be saved from labouring. Time will be saved and service will be done fast. Otherwise, you have to spend so much time. Achcha.


Avyakt BapDada’s sweet message for the brothers and sisters who have come for the Silver Jubilee Golden flowers of love for the spiritual children on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee.

Congratulations for a beautiful elevated life, to the highest on high of the whole world, the great actors of the great age, the children who are the transformers of this age. Congratulations for the special fortune of being instruments for the growth of service. Congratulations for being loving and co-operative to God from the beginning and for becoming samplesfrom the beginning. Congratulations for considering the storms of the problems of time to be a gift and for always being destroyers of obstacles.

BapDada is always pleased to see His children who are the foundation of service and are full of the treasures of such experiences. He turns the beads of the rosary of the virtues of courage of the children. On such a lucky and lovely occasion, He gives you these special golden blessings: May you always be united and successful in the task of revealing the One! May you remain immortal in your spiritual life! May you be multimillion times fortunate in eating the instant and immortal fruit!


May you always be happy and serve many others with the awareness of "Wah drama! Wah!”

While watching any scene of this drama, have the awareness, "Wah drama! Wah!” and you will never be afraid, because you have received the knowledge of the drama and how the present time is the benevolent age - that whatever scene comes in front of you is filled with benefit. Even if the benefit is not visible at the present moment, the merged benefit will be revealed in the future. Then you will remain constantly happy with the awareness, "Wah drama! Wah!” and you will never feel sad about your efforts. Many others will automatically be served through you.


The power of silence is the easy way to serve with your mind. Where there is the power of silence, there is contentment.



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